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Welcome campers !!!! We are excited to have you at camp. You can look forward to a fun and educational experience. We will have clinics, master's classes, jazz ensembles and more.

Resident Campers-$225.00 per week
Day Campers- (9 a.m. -9 p.m.) $185.00 per week


Both Resident and Day Camping includes:

    3 Meals (day campers must arrive at 7:50 A.M. to eat breakfast)
    Snacks throughout the day and evening including corn roasts, potato roasts, smores and     more

    4 hours daily of music instruction

    Ability to participate in various ensembles, music classes, listening classes and more

    All activities including hiking, swimming, field games, talent show, concerts and more
    Resident campers sleep over with shower facilities.


Parents and others listed on the camper's emergency contact card are ALWAYS welcome, ALWAYS invited, and ALWAYS encouraged to visit. All adults must sign in upon arrival. WARNING: all visitors may be persuaded to lend a hand !




Ferrwood is Sponsored by The CAN DO Community Foundation

The CAN DO Community Foundation has created a unique model to carry out its mission of “Conservation, Preservation and Reclamation CPR – Breathing New life into the Community”. The foundation “adopts” a project. In the case of Ferrwood Music Camp, the foundation worked with many contributors in restoring the camp that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The camp is named for its founder, “Father Joe” Ferrara. Father Joe believed that while he may not turn every child into an accomplished musician, through music, he could nurture a better person for life. He would instill a set of values to his students that would last a lifetime. Today Ferrwood Music Camp continues and each summer it comes to life through the time and effort of many dedicated volunteers and accomplished instructors. Father Joe’s dream of building better individuals through music has inspired many, many people both as students and future instructors and volunteers. For nearly 50 seasons the camp continues to be a venue for kids to have fun and learn about music and life. The CAN DO Community Foundation is proud to play a vital role in the restoration and ongoing programming at Ferrwood Music Camp.

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